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Get in top shape and dominate the pitch with this science-backed fitness program. Check out the video to learn more and, when you're ready, get started with the program designed to make you look and feel like a pro.

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Give us 8 weeks, and we'll get you in the best shape of your life with a program used by pro athletes!

Get in the best shape of your life with Full 90 Fit - the ultimate fitness program designed for soccer players!

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, our science-backed program will help you achieve your fitness goals and get in the same shape as professional players.

We developed this program in collaboration with James Wagenschutz ("Coach Wags") and Nikki Marshall. Coach Wags is an applied sport scientist and performance coach who has spent the past 20+ years working with athletes at all levels – including MLS pros, Olympians, and National Team players. Coach Nikki played on the U.S. Women's National Team and with the Portland Thorns, as well as the University of Colorado.

Over 8 weeks, they will guide you through a variety of workouts, exercises, and drills that are proven to increase endurance, build strength, and boost agility. Our program is specifically designed to help you perform at your best for the full 90 minutes, just like the pros!

With Full 90 Fit, you'll not only look and feel great, but you'll also have the confidence to play your best every time you step onto the field. Sign up now and start seeing results!
Full 90 Fit Trainers

Meet Your Trainers

Coach Wags
  • 20+ years of experience with National Teams, Olympians, MLS, collegiate, and youth players
  • Applied Sport Scientist and Coach Educator
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • United States Soccer Federation ‘A’ License
  • United Soccer Coaches Diplomas, Advanced National, Director of Coaching and Youth
Coach Nikki
  • Former U.S. Women's National Team Player
  • NWSL Championship Winner with the Portland Thorns
  • NWSL First-round Draft Pick
  • Hall of Famer and All-time Leading Goal Scorer for University of Colorado 

What You Get

The science behind the program
A week-by-week overview
A day-by-day schedule
An interactive workout tracker

Choose from three levels
Beginner, intermediate, expert

Warm-up routines
16 lift workouts
16 conditioning workouts
8 bonus workouts

8 weekly overview videos
25 lift videos
9 conditioning videos
3 strength + work capacity videos

Preview Full 90 Fit

Program Content


Full 90 Fit Program Overview
    Why We Developed Full 90 Fit
      The Science Behind Full 90 Fit
        Your Week-by-Week Plan
          Full 90 Fit Warm-Up Routines
            Fitness Tracker Download
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            The Full 90 Fit Dictionary

                Initial Fitness Assessment

                Discover Your Starting Point

                  Week 1

                  Week 1 Overview
                    Week 1, Day 1 - Lift
                      Week 1, Day 3 - Conditioning
                        Week 1, Day 4 - Lift
                          Week 1, Day 6 - Strength + Work Capacity

                            Week 2

                            Week 2 Overview
                              Week 2, Day 1 - Lift
                                Week 2, Day 3 - Conditioning
                                  Week 2, Day 4 - Lift
                                    Week 2, Day 6 - Strength + Work Capacity

                                      Week 3

                                      Week 3 Overview
                                        Week 3, Day 1 - Lift
                                          Week 3, Day 3 - Conditioning
                                            Week 3, Day 4 - Lift
                                              Week 3, Day 6 - Strength + Work Capacity

                                                Week 4

                                                Week 4 Overview
                                                  Week 4, Day 1 - Lift
                                                    Week 4, Day 3 - Conditioning
                                                      Week 4, Day 4 - Lift
                                                        Week 4, Day 6 - Strength + Work Capacity

                                                          Week 5

                                                          Week 5 Overview
                                                            Week 5, Day 1 - Lift
                                                              Week 5, Day 3 - Conditioning
                                                                Week 5, Day 4 - Lift
                                                                  Week 5, Day 6 - Strength + Work Capacity

                                                                    Week 6

                                                                    Week 6 Overview
                                                                      Week 6, Day 1 - Lift
                                                                        Week 6, Day 3 - Conditioning
                                                                          Week 6, Day 4 - Lift
                                                                            Week 6, Day 6 - Strength + Work Capacity

                                                                              Week 7

                                                                              Week 7 Overview
                                                                                Week 7, Day 1 - Lift
                                                                                  Week 7, Day 3 - Conditioning
                                                                                    Week 7, Day 4 - Lift
                                                                                      Week 7, Day 6 - Strength + Work Capacity

                                                                                        Week 8

                                                                                        Week 8 Overview
                                                                                          Week 8, Day 1 - Lift
                                                                                            Week 8, Day 3 - Conditioning
                                                                                              Week 8, Day 4 - Lift
                                                                                                Week 8, Day 6 - Strength + Work Capacity

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